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ARAWELO at Stockwell Park Community Trust

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ARAWELO tells the story of an infamous nomadic Warrior Queen of the Somali people. It is a period piece that uses traditional forms of storytelling and incorporates Somali dance and music.

ARAWELO creates a juxtaposition of the old and new; where an ancient story meets the modern world. Arawelo’s journey to self-discovery still has a vast relevance and will become a platform for various discussion for the Somali and BAME community.

It celebrates the beauty of womanhood with the hope of promoting positive narratives that empower. Additionally, a platform for BAME women to have better access to the arts by providing them with the opportunity to engage in native stories and pass on traditions that inspire.

The Arawelo Company works with the BAME community in telling traditional stories produced through community contributions. We are working towards enriching the performing arts sector through diversity and authentic representations of BAME communities and their stories.

2018 Perforamances

The London Somali Week Festival

23rd Oct, Rich Mix SOLD OUT

22nd Oct, Broadway Theatre, Barking SOLD OUT

10th March, Fresh Ground, SOLD OUT

ARAWELO is a new original play written by Demi Wilson-Smith in collaboration with Queen of Sheba International (QSI) and directed by Poppy Clifford.