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‘Breaking the glass ceilings if there is any’

We live in a supposedly meritocratic society, where opportunities are abundant and people can easily move up the career ladder.  While it is true that many Somalis are progressing in nearly every walk of life, we continue to be highly underrepresented in many aspects of the wider public in the United Kingdom.

Despite living in such a multicultural society yet ethnic minorities suffer from the notion of ‘the glass ceiling syndrome’. The idea that you can see the top of the ladder, but there is an invisible barrier preventing you from climbing it. It is this particular phenomenon, which prevents minorities in achieving their full potential.

Anti-tribalism movement believes that regardless of ethnicity, clan, race and social class, individuals should be given an opportunity to prosper within society, and should not be discriminated and prevented from achieving their full potential. We believe that it is important to explore the existing barriers to progression within the Somali community and to understand how we can overcome these substantial obstacles.

This Month’s topic of discussion is ‘Breaking the glass ceilings if there is any’.  The Open Minded Debate hopes to create dialogue and provides a safe space for Somalis to discuss issues that matter to them.

We believe that discussions around the affects of the glass ceiling need to be highlighted and an understanding needs to be forged in order to recognise the different challenges that the Somali community are facing. Most importantly, we believe that it is vital to explore possible solutions to overcome these barriers as well as empowering the Somali community to learn their true potential as active citizens.

We will discuss the following: 

  1. Does the glass ceiling phenomena actually exist?
  2. What are the different obstacle/barriers that the Somali community face?
  3. Are opportunities limited to you due to your Race, Religion or by Sexual orientation?
  4. How does your environment and education impact the way you navigate within society?
  5. How can we overcome these challenges in order to break the invisible barrier?
  6. What are the obstacles hindering the advancement of the Somali community?

Entry to this event is restricted to confirmation holders only. Places are limited, therefore, please RSVP by emailing to info@theatm.org as soon as it is convenient to you. Kindly invite anybody that you think will benefit from this discussion and I would be grateful if you could confirm their details with us beforehand.


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Anti-Tribalism Movement is a registered charity (no. 1168836). ATM HOUSE, Market Approach off Lime Grove, Shepherds Bush, W12 8DD.