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Mental Health – One Story of Hope – A Community Fundraising

“London Somali Youth Forum (LSYF) and Jamal Osman from Channel 4 News are calling all Somalis to support them in helping Abdullahi, a mentally ill patient who Jamal encountered last year during one of his news trips to Somalia. Jamal was moved and alarmed by the dire conditions Abdullahi was forced to endure in his captivity ‘as mad man’ that should be chained from society.

LSYF and Jamal Osman have come together to organise a fundraiser for Abdullahi, his family and his future.

This is a great cause to be working on and we would urge you all to please join us and attend that evening where Somali poets, musicians, comedians and community leaders, (such as Aar Maanta, and Prince Abdi) will all be involved in the conversation.

Jamal Osman, his Channel 4 Team and Somali Mental Health specialist will be there to answer questions from their experience and Mental health in Somalia. ”

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LSYF fundraiser