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Maalinta Ka Hortaga Gudniinka Fircooniga – 6da February.

Bulshada Soomaaliyeed ayaa ah bulsho leh dhaqan wanaagsan oo taabanaya guud ahaan qeybaha kala duwan ee nolosha. Waxaana dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed lagu yaqaan inuu yahay dhaqan leh xishood, wanaag, kal-gaceyl, soo dhaweyn iyo tix-gellin. Dunida aynu ku noolnahay maanta ayaa ah mid dhaqamada kala duwan la isku garto, lana kala barto. Dhaqanka dadka Soomaaliyeed ayaa sidoo…

An Open Minded Debate

Every month the ATM brings together young British Somalis to discuss and debate issues important to them. In this film they talk about their experiences of parental expectation as well as how to combat the identity crisis felt by many young British Somalis.

Challenging Extremism; The Future is in our hands

After 26 years of intermittent civil war, Somalis know better than most the true cost of extremism and tribalism. With more than one million lives lost to violence, famine and poverty, the destruction caused by divisive politics is painfully obvious to see. For young Somalis, raised both in the Horn of Africa and within the…


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