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THE ATM REPORTS ATM Booklet – Maanta iyo Berri Nabadda iyo Dhalinyaradda Soomaaliyeed. Click below to read the full report (Is racism the new ‘normal’? Somali experience of hate crime in the UK) Hate Crime Report Nabad Youth Conference ATM convened a conference to debate and discuss how Somali youth in the UK can add…


K’Naan supports The Antitribalism Movement

Justine Greening meets Somali community to discuss development

Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening met members of the UK’s Somali community to discuss Britain’s aid and development programmes. Ms Greening set out the government’s aim to create a more peaceful, stable and prosperous Somalia while listening to people’s opinions and concerns at the gathering in Ealing’s town hall on January 9.…

Major Somali trade event announced during meeting with London Somali community

  The UK will be holding a major trade and investment event aimed at supporting inward investment into Somalia. Foreign Office Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds, along with local MP Angie Bray, visited Ealing on 26 March to meet members of London’s Somali community to hear from young Somalis about their hopes and aspirations for…

Turkey tells U.N. and aid donors to move to Somalia

(Reuters) – The United Nations should beef up its operation in Somalia, and other countries who want to help the war-torn state should actually move in and set up bases there, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

Luxury Dining on Mogadishu beachfront

Somali businessman Ahmed Jama recently returned to Somalia from London to open two Western-style restaurants in two hotels he owns, one on the beachfront and the other downtown Mogadishu. His beachfront property boasts stylish beach beds and flat-screen TVs.

UN threatens the Somali democratic Movement

Minneapolis, MN – On May 1, 2012, the UN Special Representative (SR), The African Union Special Representative (AUSR), and IGAD Facilitator for Somalia (IGADF) distributed a press release threatening those they call spoilers of the Somali political process with sanctions.

The Somali Conference In London

More boots on the ground, proposed attacks from the air, and a warning from Britain’s prime minister that the overwhelming threat to Somalia comes from the Al Qaeda-linked insurgency group Al Shabab.